Our hearts beat for the coast!

From bird enthusiasts, kayakers to photographers & artists, our team shares a deep passion for our marine ecosystems. We translate that passion into impact-driven initiatives that tackle the pressing challenges our coasts face today. 

Our Tribe of Changemakers!

Meet the diverse crew with a common mission

Over a decade of expertise in circular economy, waste management, social communication, and sustainability fuels our fire. We translate that knowledge into tangible positive actions, inspiring change from within individuals and communities.

Ferdin Sylvester

Director & Co-founder

Aditya Kumar

COO & Co-founder

Bhagavathi Sriram

Partnership & Outreach

Swati Parab

Program Head

Aidan Fonseca

Research Associate

Shradha Salekar

Project Associate

Lloyd D'Souza

Social Media & Design

Building a greener future, together!

We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. Whether you’re a young visionary, seasoned millennial or anyone who wants to take action for a greener planet, you belong here. Ready to join the movement? We’re always looking for awesome folks to join our tribe! Write to us at team@oneearth.world and let’s chat about making a difference, together.