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Circular Economy

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Climate Education

Nature Based Solutions

Behaviour Change & IEC

We collaborate with policymakers, businesses and donors to scale their impact and bring a positive behavioural change

OneEarth Foundation partners with a diverse network of stakeholders to implement impactful solutions that drive us towards a circular economy and safeguard our planet. We work in mitigating the impact of plastic pollution on marine ecosystems, regenerate wetlands through mangrove restoration initiatives, and repurpose low-value plastic waste into functional products, preventing its entry into land and water ecosystems. Our approach emphasizes the 5R principles of waste management while employing effective Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) strategies to instigate positive behavioural changes. Additionally, we collaborate with educational institutions to develop and deliver innovative climate education programs, empowering future generations to become champions of environmental sustainability.

Stopping climate change through circular and regenerative economy

Collaborating with corporations & funders focussing on regenerative investments. Empowering communities, through community based mangrove restoration and conservation projects.

We implement circular solutions by intercepting the low value waste from reaching oceans, landfill or incineration by making functional products such as shelters, picket fences, dustbins, paver blocks etc at our innovation centre called “Centre for Circularity”.

One For Earth

Rescue Oceans and Mangroves Recycle Plastic Waste Re-engineer Innovative Products Reach Out To Local Communities

One For Earth serves as the flagship initiative of OneEarth Foundation, focused on combating plastic pollution along India’s coastline. Through a comprehensive strategy encompassing awareness campaigns, educational initiatives, and grassroots community involvement, this platform instills a deep sense of environmental stewardship and individual accountability. By promoting a shared commitment to care and ownership, One For Earth drives tangible progress in protecting our planet’s fragile ecosystems. Our impactful initiatives offer an inclusive platform, inviting you to collaborate with us on meaningful projects. Join our community today and be a part of the collective effort to bring about positive change through collective action.

Circularity for Sustainability

Our Step Towards Circular Economy

Empowering Purposeful Businesses

OneEarth empowers purposeful businesses by aligning their sustainable goals with their larger business objectives through collaboration with CXOs and CSR leads. We scale down plastic impact through initiatives like the Drive Against Plastic Pollution funded by Quest2Travel by MakeMyTrip, adopting a beach for innovative waste management and implementing 16-way segregation at the source for Bulk Waste Generators (BWGs) etc.

Inspiring Conscious Individuals

OneEarth inspires conscious individuals through regular cleanup drives at beaches, mangroves, creeks, rivers, and garbage vulnerable points (GVPs) and conduct and IEC awareness workshops to instill a sustainable shift in the behaviour.. We engage conscious volunteers in impactful initiatives and foster a community called One For Earth (OFE), where each participant becomes a member of OFE. Our efforts have sensitised 3000 individuals, highlighting that change occurs through collaborative actions.

Mentoring Student Innovators

OneEarth mentors student innovators by collaborating with schools, colleges, universities, and special needs institutions/NGOs to create programmatic learning experiences. Our workshops blend classroom and experiential learning, covering topics like circular waste management, the 5Rs framework, mangrove restoration, and the impact of plastic on nature. We prioritize government schools for these programs, aiming to reach areas with limited exposure, but work with private schools as well. Additionally, we offer internships to UG and PG students from diverse science and engineering backgrounds across India, with plans to expand exchange programs with global universities.

Uplifting Local Communities


We collaborate with various communities such as informal waste workers, women in waste, Self-Help Groups (SHGs), fishing communities, and communities around mangroves, uplifting them for sustainable livelihoods. We create environmentally, socially, and economically viable solutions. For example, with fishing communities, we’re developing local solutions to tackle plastic pollution and ALDFG (Abandoned, Lost, Discarded Fishing Nets and Gears) and Ghost Nets, focusing on innovative and sustainable waste management practices. Our approach includes raising awareness about the environmental, social, and economic impacts of abandoned fishing gear. We also work on formalising informal safai sathis to integrate them into the existing waste management system. We help in providing regular training to safai sathis to empower them to run facilities independently.


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