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Drive Against Plastic Pollution

Km Sailed

Kg Waste Collected

Youth Sensitised

Workshops Conducted

Beach & Mangrove Cleanups

We coordinated beach and mangrove cleanups in Goa with volunteer support, alongside educational sessions for college students highlighting mangrove significance and plastic pollution effects. This effort heightened awareness and motivated increased volunteer engagement, showcasing a collective commitment to safeguarding our coastal ecosystem.

Circular Economy Workshops

Our workshops addressed pressing issues of plastic waste, promoting sustainable consumption habits and the 5R concept: Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Recover. With 22 workshops reaching 1000 students and youth, we prioritised government schools with limited exposure to such initiatives.

IEC - Fishing Community

We educated the fishing community on ghost nets and microplastics, promoting best storage practices for discarded nets and fishing gear. We provided tangible solutions and plan to expand efforts with regular interventions.

…60 Second Wrap

“The session on waste segregation and circular economy was an eye opener. I learnt a lot and would be keen on attending OneEarth’s cleanup drives”

Rashmi, MBA student

“It was a fun experience cleaning the mangrove boardwalk in Panjim and learning about the mangrove forests with OneEarth”

Vaibhav Duggal, Computer Science Student

“This program of cleanup drive and workshop is an amazing opportunity for children especially government schools where we don’t get much exposure. It’s important for children at a young age to understand the nuances of environment and pollution and stay close to nature”

Guruprasad Tandel, Hindi Teacher
New English High School, Keri, Goa

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