Circularity for Sustainability is our motto

At the One Earth Foundation, we have a profound commitment to circularity,climate change action, and coastal ecosystem preservation

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Embrace our #Circularity Movement and be the catalyst for change!

Our vision is to implement sustainable circular waste management measures through innovation, community building and local & global cooperation that drive transformative change.

passionate young professionals with a shared determination to inspire change.

communities or people engaged in our impact projects

people impacted by our collective initiatives

What sets us apart?

Our passion for sustainability is not merely a checkbox, we call
ourselves “eco-evolutionists”. Our team brings an unwavering
commitment to push boundaries, seek fresh perspectives, and challenge
the status quo on circular economy and climate action.
At One Earth Foundation, we don’t recycle tried ideas but re-engineer
and innovate new ideas! We are united by a common passion to create
global awareness of waste pollution and work with government and
conscious brands to create policy initiatives to curb the use of
plastic and responsible disposal practices.
Our dream is to transform every Indian city into a hub of
sustainability & circularity and inspire the first world countries