Finding peace in nature’s beauty while nurturing our community through education and inspiration to preserve the natural environment for health and tranquility

Shradha Enjoys Teaching and Travelling

Shradha Salekar

Project Associate

BA in Hindi and Psychology, and a Master’s in Social Work specializing in Health and Development – bringing five years of dedicated professional experience to the table.

Her journey began with a two-year stint on the J-PAL South Asia Institution project focusing on ECDEP (Economic Consequences of Depression). For the past three years, Shradha has been actively involved as an Assistant Community Leader with the Hilldaari project, where she spearheaded various initiatives – from organizing health camps for sanitation workers to conducting training sessions on relevant occupational modules.

Currently, she holds the IEC Project Coordinator position at the OneEarth Foundation. Residing in Bethoda, Ponda-Goa, Shradha’s dedication to social betterment extends beyond professional pursuits. Her unwavering goal is to continue contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment, particularly through waste management and community development initiatives, empowering communities towards a sustainable future.

A passionate reader, teacher, and a traveler, Shradha thrives in collaborative environments and finds immense satisfaction in working alongside communities to create positive change. Her experiences have instilled in them the power of collaboration and empathy as key drivers for achieving meaningful impact. Looking ahead, Shradha is committed to carrying this forward and eagerly seeks new opportunities to serve the community.