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Ferdin Loves Mangroves and is a

Ferdin Sylvester

Director & Co-founder

An environmental engineer, brings a decade of expertise in circular economy, climate change, and social development. As the Director and Co-founder of One Earth Foundation, Ferdin spearheads programs in implementing circular solutions which enhances solid waste management in coastal communities while repurposing marine waste innovatively and mangrove conservation & restoration. He is an adventure sportsman who kayaked 120 kms across the coastline of Goa along with his team at Oneearth Foundation, to raise awareness on marine plastic waste.

During his tenure as a Project Officer at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Ferdin effectively integrated circular models through technological innovations and facilitated strategic partnerships between government bodies and private enterprises. His notable achievements include establishing a material recovery facility in Goa, creating India’s first government sponsored (SCGJ) skill certification program for informal waste workers, and publishing influential articles, photographs, and case studies under the UNDP banner.

In his role as an environmental expert, Ferdin was instrumental in conceptualizing and executing the ‘Climate Change Reference Center’ in Himachal Pradesh which serves as a platform and repository of climate related policy, insights, reports, and best practices. He also contributed significantly to ‘Waste Matters,’ a critical handbook addressing construction waste management challenges across India. Before his current role, Ferdin founded Ecobel Solutions, and built a patented machine for EPS (thermocol) waste recycling and developed solid waste management strategies for high-profile projects like the Navi Mumbai International Airport.

Ferdin holds a master’s degree in environmental engineering from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and is currently working on this PhD in ‘Climate resilience through mangroves’. He is highly regarded for his commitment to sustainability and climate action, pioneering innovations in waste management, dynamic leadership, and navigating the intersection between policy formulation and practical implementation. His expertise and proactive approach make him a prominent figure in driving sustainable environmental solutions and fostering impactful change.