Stuck between looking at the sky and looking under rocks for life

Aidan Enjoys Birdwatching and Wildlife Documentation

Aidan Fonseca

Research Associate

A 25-year-old ornithologist from Goa, has been passionate about birdwatching since age 11 and was recognized as a Young Birder of 2014 by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. He holds a degree in Zoology and currently works as a field biologist at the Bird Institute of Goa, where he contributes to avian research and conservation projects in Goa.

He also works  at the OneEarth Foundation to help with waste management and mangrove restoration and IEC activities. His work primarily involves documenting species in biodiversity hotspots like Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, and he actively participates in citizen science initiatives such as eBird and Sanctuary surveys in different states like Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.

Aidan collaborates with local and international researchers, focusing on community education and promoting a symbiotic relationship with thee natural world. He aspires to advance his studies and make significant contributions to ornithology and wildlife conservation in the country.