Contest Open

26th July 2024

Submission Close

30th Aug 2024

Winners Announced

26th Oct 2024

Mangrove Photo Contest

Capture the essence of nature’s hidden marvels and showcase your talent at “Mangrove through my Lens”

Inviting photographers of all levels to portray the captivating beauty and vital ecological significance of mangroves through their lenses.

Mangroves are not just coastal trees; they are guardians of our shores, vibrant ecosystems teeming with life, and essential protectors against climate change. Your photographs have the power to tell compelling stories about these resilient habitats, highlighting their unique biodiversity and their crucial role in sustaining our planet.

Whether you’re drawn to the intricate roots that dance with the tides or the myriad creatures that call mangroves home, “Mangrove through my Lens” welcomes your creative interpretations. Join us in celebrating these extraordinary environments and sharing their stories with the world.

The Jury

Meet our esteemed jury of photography experts and environmental advocates, dedicated to selecting the most compelling stories of mangroves from around the world.

Ashok Vaidikar

Ashok Vaidikar, distinguished as a visionary entrepreneur, curator, and founder, harmoniously merges artistry with innovation to evoke inspiration. Renowned for his finesse in fine arts photography, he masterfully weaves visually arresting narratives that profoundly resonate, seamlessly blending creativity with astute business acumen. His unwavering pursuit of excellence is unmistakably reflected in every project, meticulously crafted from inception to fruition.

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